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Tis might half slumb'ring on its own right arm.

Now resting quietly in its shady haven, this brooding machinery spoke silent volumes to me of the work it has performed.

Another steam museum in northern Tasmania; this one is in Don.

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Oh, I love me some heavy machinery. I visited a railroad museum in Savannah, Georgia a few years ago; I'll share a few of the photos in this group.

My favorite part of this photo is the upper left where the light is just making its way through the parts to produce that extra special little shadow.

Great patina on the steel.

Thanks, Phillip. Yes, that softly-lit area is a feature I like too. I've made umpteen versions, playing with that delicious patina on the different parts.

Great depth in this. I agree that the light and shadow give this a step up.

Thanks, Ruth! That fortuitous bit of overhead light made all the difference.