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Right .... PLAY BALL !!!

When I saw this image, the first thought that came to my mind was that the flower was playing ball. There is however a certain elegance in the image that makes me smile. It's all in the imagination.

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Alan Brown's picture

Hi Sandra. I really like the muted tones in this, and the fact that you have gone against the flow.
Most flower shots are taken to capture the beauty of their prime but this demonstrates that there is beauty and character that goes beyond that.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Thank you Alan ... most appreciated !!!

Joe Scalise's picture

Great shot Sandra, I really like your choice of crop (square) and composition. My only wish would have been to have a bit more DOF to sharpen up the front of the bud, but still a good one.

Thanks Joe .. understand your point about the bud .... cheers !!!

Ruth Carll's picture

I totally love this shot. It has such a great composition when so many times similar subject are just 'there'. This has an action feeling that I think is very successful. Great work. I can't think of a single thing that could help it.


Ruth Carll's picture

PS - This group will only thrive if everyone participates. I would encourage you to join in the conversation. Critiquing develops our eyes to then critique our own work better and it helps everyone grow. My motto is "the rising tide raises all boats". I encourage everyone to join in helping us all improve. Or - sometimes a "great job" is enough!