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Alan Brown's picture

Blue Shutter

This is a capture from an abandoned home I shot yesterday.I love the character in the old wood and peeling paint.

Sincere feedback and suggestions for possible enhancement welcomed.

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Reward Enakerakpor's picture

Nice, I like the colour pallet and tones.

Joe Scalise's picture

I like the 'neutral with a touch of blue' happening here, good tones, great textures.

What I really like is the repetition of verticals and the almost perfect groupings of 3 within 3. From left, you have three gnarly grey, in the middle the drapery continues the pattern with almost three verticals, and finally the three blue.

I'd say, as a detail of a greater whole, you made a great composition / capture here.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Joe. Had you asked what my vision was for this image it is exactly as stated. The touch of blue caught my eye, I struck lucky the way things were laid out (I didn't touch the open shutter at all).

Ruth Carll's picture

I love when it works out this way. this is very pretty. I love the color palette. I have a blue room I could easily see this in! Well Done!

Very cool Alan. It's great that someone still uses the window in its state of gentle aging.