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Ruth Carll's picture

Minimal Lanscape

It was raining on Saturday morning. A brief window opened up early in the morning so I ran down to the the beach hoping to catch just this - rain in the distance with some open sky. The dark version is closer to what it really looked like but i wanted to be able to see the boat so I lightened it up.

Feedback welcome!

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Andrew Williams's picture

I like the lighter one better. I admit I had to open it a second time to find the boat, and I think the photograph would be served by lightening the boat more relative to the rest of the image.

Ruth Carll's picture

Agreed! thanks Andrew!

Alan Brown's picture

I love the colors and mood. I prefer the first, the color palette is much more appealing to the eye and more detail available in the shadows.
I would actually consider removing the boat - it is so small its form cannot be determined and it could easily be mistaken as a blemish

Lovely work!

Ruth Carll's picture

Thanks Alan. I tried to brighten the boat like Andrew suggested and it didn't work. I think you are right about it looking like a speck. Thanks for the support!