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From the Top

When I do my inks (on my profile) the views of those are from the side. If you could look straight down at the surface, this is what you'd see!

There is some grain issue here that I am going to run through a de-noise program as soon as I get it.

Feedback Welcome!

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Wow! These are pretty wild, Ruth! I really like them. A very fortunate byproduct of the "right-angle" images! Certainly abstract. My favourite is the third, also the sixth and seventh. I think it's because of those simple, dramatic compositions. I don't know about the noise - I think the textures make them look less like the ubiquitous CGI, with its bland perfection.

I don't see noise ... I see glorious swirls and twirls. Rather fabulous.

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Thanks to you both! I'm excited about this new way to extend this process. It takes a lot of set up and this gives me some more stuff to play with between dumping tanks of ink/oil and starting another round.

I appreciate the feedback. I like these but you never know if something this different will go over well!


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These are just as "valid" as the other images you get in the process, Ruth. Beautiful.