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Out of this world

I think cactus are amazingly weird and beautiful in their own sharp prickly way, so I tried to take them out of this world and into another strange world not seen before.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

You certainly have a magical way with these extraordinary images, Sandra, especially the combinations of natural forms and striking colours in beautiful whimsical combinations and compositions. I thought you might well be from California, but I see you're a fellow (sheila?) Aussie! Not only that, but from our I-spent-a-week-in-Canberra-the-other-day capital... ;-)

Haha !!!! Thanks heaps Chris and yep I'm from the Bra lol. Love Melbs though ... a great city. If just one person likes an image I put out, then I can ask for no more 😊 Cheers !!!

Ruth Carll's picture

Out of this world is the right title for this great image! I have one suggestion but it is just a thought. Image is great as is. I would blur out the smudge in front of the yellow circle at upper left. Because it actually has detail, it keeps drawing my eye and making me wonder what it is.

This is great and i cant wait for more!

PS - you guys will give our NJ contingent a run!

Thanks Ruth ... the smudge just reminded me of clouds or gas drifting across .... I have a vivid imagination 😊 Had to look up NJ - New Jersey ?

Ruth Carll's picture

Yup - the Garden State!