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Obsession with Water

I've always had an obsession with spending time near water, and have recently been trying to portray the feelings I have during long stints sitting by lakes, oceans, and rivers. I've been drawn to shooting landscapes with water since I started photography, but I've become more and more interested in the minimal atmosphere exampled in these three.

Do they work? What kinds of things can I work on to have more impact on the viewer?

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Ruth Carll's picture

And it is a good obsession! The second and third are well done but that first one is superb!

Can't wait for more from you!

john barnard's picture

Thanks, Ruth! I'll be sure to post more!

Alan Brown's picture

Wonderful images John, I enjoy the minimal look myself.

The lighting on #1 really works well, drawing the eye in, an on to the sharp highlight Image wouldn't work for me without that.

I'd like to see #2 in mono - I think you would have a lot of leeway for adjustment and come up with something really interesting.

I like #3 but feel it might be improved by reducing the number of birds. I'd play about with removing groups of birds on the left, just playing about until you feel the image feels right/balanced.

Great work - like Ruth I'm eager to see more.

Chris Jablonski's picture

My reaction is a bit like the others', John. The first is excellent as is, with a nice sense of mystery, and that foreground glow. The second is maybe just a bit literal; I'd keep the colour, but play around more in "post" - more cloud detail, maybe darker sky, maybe desaturated. That foreground ice has a drama which makes the sky look weak to me. I append just one idea - not sure it's any better than yours!

I take Alan's point about the number of birds in the third, but they're nicely positioned, and it'd be doctoring an image too much for me to remove any! Crazy, having said the above, I know!

Look forward to more from you. Looking at these and your portfolio, you have a style, with an elegance and simplicity that appeals to me.

Ruth Carll's picture

Nice edit Chris!

john barnard's picture

Chris and Alan - thanks so much for the feedback. I thought image 2 was a bit dull, but wasn't sure how to push it without coming off as garish. You've given me some great ideas to try out now and in the future. thanks again!