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Day 3. "Underfoot" #5 #6.

As mentioned before these are two of the twenty photographs that I will be exhibiting at Lauralynn White's Contemporary Art Gallery in Chautauqua, New York from mid-June through Labor Day 2019. I will be there in late July for a "Meet the Artist" event. Details to follow a bit closer to the day.

#5, Parking Lot Line, Diamond Beach, NJ
#6. Sidewalk Edge, Diamond Beach, NJ

(Some of these may have been seen here before,)

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That's pretty impressive about being exhibited. Great textures .. it's always amazing what is right in front of us that we take for granted !

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These are really well done. Such a simple thing turned into a visual treat. These two are my favorite of the four but that said, these plus the first one of the other post would make a great tryptic.

Nice work!

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Now that I've looked at them all - 3, 5, 6, 7 would make a great series. If you did this, just try a make sure you haveca nice balance between right and left facing images. Ie. flip one if you have to.

Nice series!!


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The entire edited "Underfoot" series extends to more than 100 out of the several thousand I shot. The series that will be exhibited is a subset of twenty of those because that is all Lauralynn White's Contemporary Art Gallery could display. The gallery is located about a mile from the entrance to the Chautauqua Institute, where my late Uncle and Aunt had a house (rich peoples' vacation spot), and my brother and sister and I spent a few vacations about sixty years ago. they will be posted here and elsewhere two per day for ten days. You've already seen some of these.