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Day 4, "Underfoot" #7 #8

#7, Walking Harry (the Terrier), Stine Drive, Collegeville, PA
#8, Wet Leaf in the Parking Lot, Penn Medicine, Radnor, PA

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Hi Andrew - thanks for posting! This first image is a nicely composed abstract. Good use of texture and color to create an overall images. For the second, I can't help thinking that I'm seeing your reflection. Maybe?


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Re: the wet leaf. I don't see my reflection (you're welcome to do so,) but I am not above doing that. In fact, I do it enough that I have been accused of imitating Lee Friedlander by a friend who taught photography at Kutztown University. The photographs he was commenting on were from the early '70s before I knew who Friedlander was, although I do know now. It was in the air, I was told.