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Fall from grace

A dandelion seed is so delicate and fine and most of the time they float through the air with a wafting lilt in a random direction. This one is dejected and rejected. Such is life.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

Fantastic, Sandra! So poetic - image and text. More, please!

Joe Scalise's picture

Nice capture Sandra. Love the bokeh, reflection, and the monochrome of this one.

Not sure I like the crop and tilt of the composition though. For me, I feel either make it level (according to the hard shadow) or make it a bit more 'not-level' (if that was your intention) so it isn't stuck in between. Just a thought, still like it ;)

Thanks Joe ... Fresh eyes - sometimes you look at an image so much, you don't end up seeing the photo as a whole. I agree with you about the level. Suits the title brilliantly lol !!!

Ruth Carll's picture

Sandra! This is LOVELY! The colors are great. I am wondering though about the crooked slope of the table and cropping off the left side. The crop cutting off the tips of the seed head being the greater issue. This is a 4 star already and if you are able to go back and get that tip in it would be a 5 start all the way!

Thanks Ruth ... will will try that later down the track. Appreciate your thoughts. Cheers

Jordan McChesney's picture

I like the simplicity and the tones, but I have to second the idea of ensuring you don't cut off the left side of your subject without some kind of clear intent.

Nicely done.

Thanks Jordan .. no clear intent, just dropped the ball on this one. Cheers !!!

Reed Page's picture

Spectacular shot and a tough macro to get. If I wanted to nit pick, I'd have to say in addition to the below, leave more or all of the reflection in the shot. Not sure if doable with the lighting, but I find the reflection an interesting element of the picture.

Thank you .. your time to look and comment is appreciated. Cheers

Ruth Carll's picture

Hey Sandra - i think yoi got a lot of feedback on this one because it IS so pretty. The color and bokeh in this are 5 star. The clarity on such a tiny seed is 5 star. The image has a few tiny issues but overall is seriously well done. Please dont be discouraged!


Hey Ruth .. takes more than honest criticism to discourage me but thank you for your kind words. This is how we learn 😊