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Apocalypse rider

Is it abstract enough? Rainy night...light refractions through water droplets on my car window was giving some 'unnatural' scene at certain angle when everything was defocussed...waited for a rider and captured.

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yes, this is a good abstract shot.
I really like it's like confusing an mysterious. nice shot Adany

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Thanks Jeremy. It was one of those shots that I have never thought of. I aimed my camera through the window and saw this mysterious phenomenon. I was confused as to whether this holds any photographic value.

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I love this Adany! It is hard to bring a composition element into abstracts but I think you have done that here! Nice! I also envy your ability to create titles. I stink at this!

Nice work!!

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Hi Ruth, whenever you say 'nice', I truly feel that that capture somehow holds some value. As far as titles go, I try to put into words the first feeling I get when I see the phtographs.