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Signs of Flood

Debris from flooding left on the hiking trail above a lake cove. The water is now 20 feet below this spot. CC Appreciated.

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Interesting image. I'm guessing by the shape that this is cropped out of a bigger image? If so, I'd love to see it added to the post. I think this version is nicely done. colors are great. It needs context though and I'm wondering if there is more to the image that could give this. What do you think?

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I agree with Ruth about the farther back crop. I do think the colors are a little saturated for the story though. After a flood I wouldn't think that the jacket would be so bright in the non dirt areas.The shot is clear and interesting, but I want more of the story.

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Here is the SOOC shot. It was a very muddy spot on the side of a hill. Either it was floated up from the lake just below this spot or was tumbled down in a flash flood from above. It really stood out to be because it was a spot of color in a desert of mud.