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Yarrow Abstract

Here's something I little different - I'm interested in know if it appeals!

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Sorry.............not really. I don't get the composition as I'm not sure what to look at.........

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No worries Terry!!

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I'm afraid I'd have to somewhat agree with Terry Ruth. The diagonal lines and randomness work for me but I don't feel there's enough interest to hold the eye.
The image does cause the viewer to pause and ask questions, but I think it needs a bit more substance to be successful.

Others could well disagree and I applaud you for your willingness to try something different.

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Thanks Alan! No worries at all. It is a bit out there.

You have to try new things to find cool things once in a while!


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Too many leaves here, Ruth! Careful, or the moderator will kick you out! It does look fragmented, because the pattern just doesn't quite hang together enough. Also the sharpness varies slightly enough that it looks accidental (EXIF tells me you used 300mm f/0 - must be a massive lens!). And finally there are distracting artifacts in the shadow areas. Other than that, it's fine! ;-)

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Ha! You win some you lose some!


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I tried cropping to get a better composition but I don't really like it.

The thing I do like though is the dof.

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Ya... this one was a swing and a miss!