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joseph cole's picture

here's another try

yet another try at minimalism .....let me know if i should just stick to waterfalls lol

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So here is what I love about you Joe. You are such a complex thinker that this is "minimalism" to you! (big smile!)

Here is a question to see if this is helpful. In our definition of minimalism, we say that it is a style which presents the subject with few other components in the composition - only that which is essential to express the desired effect and create meaning.

Thinking about this in the above way - what is your subject here? Then we can see what are the minimal components and needed to create meaning.

I think of you as "Master of Water". :) Seriously, one of the most talented people here. So when you are going for minimalism, ask yourself "what is the waterfall in this shot?" Just because it is minimal doesn't mean it doesn't have a waterfall.

In my mind, that light is actually the subject here. Therefore, the only detail needed to show the beautiful light is a single beam hitting the forest floor. What do you think about this edit?

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thanks Ruth i thought about your style of edit and then i missed the shadowy bits lol but yes i would agree that the light illuminating the backside of the plants is the main subject ill keep practicing lol

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Never stick to what your comfortable with. I think the stand out issue with your shot is lack of isolationism. I'm no expert on minimalism but it usually requires isolation of the subject. If there are to many elements in the frame, the story of the subject is lost.

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i see what your saying i will think about that in future shots thanks Reed

I like it very much ... like a green bird about to take flight.

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I count 2,143 leaves, Joseph... Try...oh, I dunno - one? Or maybe it's minimalist because there are just two clumps.

Nice one, wherever it belongs.

I don't think there's much point trying to be minimalist - or anything. Go where your visual instincts lead you - and yours are finely honed, Mr Cole!

joseph cole's picture

LMAO thanks Chris I’ll head back to my waterfalls now hehehe

Peter N.'s picture

I agree to previous comments and would not consider this to 'minimalism'.

Maybe just a single leaf of a fern interestingly lit or something like this would be a better match to this genre I think.