When moss turns bad

How to explain this one ! Very difficult but they were returned to my greenhouse after the photo session to calm down.

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no idea what it is but i like it you could also do this in a bunch of different color variations

Thanks Joseph ... a great idea !!!

Chris Jablonski's picture

You never cease to surprise me, Sandra! ;-) Another gem from you. Very entertaining and uplifting - well, maybe this one should have me worried...

Do you cultivate your, err.... subjects? muses?

Cheers Chris and thanks. Actually I do cultivate them. I adore moss and have three greenhouses where it thrives and at the moment there are tiny toadstools popping up everywhere as well. Love it !!

Chris Jablonski's picture

I was amazed to see these tiny transparent toadies on a fallen log. So delicate! This is a blow-up from a close-up shot. Not my finest image... They're less than 1cm tall from memory.

Joe Scalise's picture

Stunning work!

Thanks heaps Joe !!

Alan Brown's picture

So interesting Sandra - you definitely live in a different world, seeing what the rest of us miss.

Great work!

Many thanks Alan. Your comment is greatly appreciated sir 😊

Jeremy Martignago's picture

wow. I love this.

Thanks so much Jeremy !!!

Ruth Carll's picture

You hit it out of the park with this one Sandra! Eveeything about it is great - color, DOF, perspective and very cool subject!!

Ah you are too kind Ruth !! Thank you indeed 😊