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Sky Wave

I decided to share this image in minimalism and would love hear your thoughts. This photo was inspired by photographer Jeroen Peters.


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Phillip Breske's picture

I saw this in the other group and agree it fits well here. I like the pastel colors and super-simple composition. Well done.

David Perman's picture

I'm thinking of printing this one large for my wall.

Phillip Breske's picture

If you've got the resolution for it, I would go 24"x24" or bigger.

Joe Scalise's picture

Great capture, fabulous color.

Kevin Mack's picture

Excellent. Agreed on the large print.

Reed Page's picture

This has large print all over it. The geometry and colors are beautiful.

Ruth Carll's picture

Ah David - nicely done. So glad to see this here. You have a great eye for architecture and abstracts as illustrated by the great work in your profile. This one particular works for me. i love the sinuous line that divides the image leaving the texture on one side and smooth sky on the other. Extremely will done!