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Painting with Light

Hello everyone,

I am not new to Fstoppers but I'm new to this group. I got this photo while experimenting with the panning technique. I assume everyone here knows what "panning" is but just in case, I was moving the camera from left to right while releasing the shutter. This technique can be used many different ways. It can take quite a bit of trial and error to get the speed in which you pan the camera and your shutter speed just right. Surprisingly enough though I got this result on the first try. I took a whole lot more on this day but the first one just seemed to look the best to me. I would also suggest using a tripod to get nice straight lines. However, this was taken hand held. Any other suggestions for the panning technique?

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Great colors, excellent image, and a perfect addition to this group! I like the grain in this image as well, adds a little 'something' to its character that is very pleasing. Really enjoy viewing your profile portfolio, nice work.

Just a suggestion, in the future, maybe clean up the lens spots.

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Thanks! Haha, yeah I've gotten better over the years at looking for and getting rid of those lens spots. This photo is probably 3 years old or older and I'm just too lazy to go back and clean them up.

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Yeah, I hear ya, doesn't ruin anything here, still a great image.

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Soothing mood and nicely captured / processed, Kyle. As a suggestion, for some of the others you may not like as much, try flipping them 90 degrees - i.e I viewed this in portrait and it had a much different feel.

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This is so well done. Great mood and great example of the panning technique on a landscape.

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Hey Kyle! Welcome! So ... I'm familiar with panning for bird shots but I have not seen it used in this way. If you had asked me how you did it, I would never had said "straight from the camera' and I LOVE that it is! The colors are fantastic. Also that you have recognizable composition in a shot like this is cool too. I really like this.

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Thank you! I'm glad that you like it!