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A rock on a photo

A silly idea I had.
I just put a rock on a photo I printed and thought it looked funny.
I would like to hear what you think of it.

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I like the concept I feel like it should either be more obvious like a stagnant flower on a moving waterfall or an object on a photo that doesn’t belong or goes with the image so well that you have to figure out what’s 3D

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Very creative. I like it.

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I love this funky kind of stuff! I think this is really cool and would hang this in my house. I think this rock is the perfect foil for the photo. It stands out because it doesn't fit with the scene and is oddly sized but the fact that the pattern is similar makes it look like it somehow belongs there. Seriously Jeremy - I think your eye is way more sophisticated than you give it credit for. This is really well done.

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Love this. What a cool idea.