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Shadows and Dust

I think this fits the minimalism theme. I don't know what this "tree" is doing out on the beach or if someone put it there but it I knew I wanted to find a way capture it. When trying to figure out my composition I couldn't help but notice the unique shadow that the tree was casting which is what I was trying to make the main subject of this photograph. Let me know what you think.

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Hey Kyle - Well done! This has a lot more going on than first meets the eye. great color, great texture, great lines. Nice Work!

I am wondering if this is the entirety of the image? I wish there was a little more space on the top and bottom. If it is there, adding a bit back from the crop might be worth checking out.

I also wonder if the golden glow around the tree was added or is a dust aberation or ..? If you added it, i would be interested in seeing the image posted side by side with this one but without it. The tree is the focal point and I think the glow detracts from it a bit.

All said though - great image. i look forward to more!