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Life.. isn't it as simple as it is complex?
The plant is grown in the balcony of the second floor apartment. The bokeh behind is from some compact disks my neighbor has hung, to scare off the doves...

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Hi Rajesh! I think this is your first post with us? Welcome!

I love these tendrils - every one is like a fingerprint and I could take hundreds of photographs of them! I love that you got this one in good focus. It is hard to say if you could have gotten a little deeper depth of field while still keeping the great bokeh. My only suggestion for this image would be to play with the exposure and color balance a little. perhaps it is just because it is on the white background here but it is just a little drab.

Here is a stab at it but it a little extreme. I was just playing around. I tried getting rid of the pink but couldn't. Anyway - just thoughts.

Overall impression - Great composure and nice work! I look forward to more from you. And, from hearing from you. Please consider providing feedback. The pinned post at the head of the group call "Please Read Before Posting" has suggestions.

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Thanks, Ruth. That was one of my early attempts on macro... Thank you for the feedback..

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Ruth Carll Btw, why are you insisting for State in the profile while the dropdown do not have the details in respect of other countries? I had to lie in order to keep moving.

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I don't know why fStoppers does this! Curious indeed!

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This is lovely. It makes me want to be on the balcony of your apartment on some fresh morning, drinking tea and watching the compact discs twinkle to the sound of the cooing doves.

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Thank you, Evelyn....