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About as Minimal as I Get

We went to see the Reading Phillies (AAA baseball) last night. This is the sidewalk by the handicapped parking, which I was really glad to be able to use but sorry I had to do so.

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It's pretty minimal! I'm not totally sure it works for me though. The angle takes away from the potential of the pattern. I'd like to see it straight on to see if the pattern, broken by the single bolt, works better. Just my opinion Andrew. Keep them coming!

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a very good potential.

yet in continuation to Ruth, for me the wave (level or light) need to make a statement in the story instead of making disturbance feel.

This happens with me too. everything will be realised after seeing the image carefully while processing. but this is learning curve.

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I'm inclined to agree with Ruth, Andrew. I do like the basic idea of the dimples and that one off-centre bolt, but think the angles are just far enough from being lined up with the frame to look unsettling. Also, I'd be inclined to make such an image either perpendicular to the surface, or more steeply raked, to exaggerate perspective and get convergence (however, that would reduce DOF). Again, to my eye, your image is just uncomfortably in-between.

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Same shot with tilt, skew, and color adjustments

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That's better! Prefer the colour, too.

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Hmm. I like the original tilted, skewed, and faded version better. On the one hand, this one does do a better job of showing how the flare of light help directs the eye to the screwhead. But OTOH, it kind of makes my hands itch to go into photoshop and align the slots on the screwhead, either spot on at 45-degree angles or else perfectly straight-&-level.

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I really did not like how this came out with everything squared off. Had the camera been perfectly perpendicular to the ground and all the bumps were perfectly consistent, that might have worked, but they really feel funny in the squared off version. The original (as cropped only to change the aspect ratio from 3:4 to 2:3) felt better, but the color in the revision worked better. So I redid it, cropping as per the original and adjusting the exposure and saturation per the revision. And the screw's head is more-or-less at 45 degrees. I like this better than either of the previous attempts.

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I agree that the edited one isnt as successful as your original. I do t think to can skew to straight on. Thats a reshoot for sure!