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Just playin'.............

Canon 5d2 w/50mm f./2.8N Nikon Enlargement Lens(reversed) Tv 1/40" ISO 100 Av f/8 with three flash setup

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Excellent work! Love the choice of blue and the dark exposure give this almost a sinister feeling. Really nicely done.

Pretty cool Terry ... a moth that's gone to the dark side ?

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Would you believe a Horse Fly..............at least I think it is. I'm not much on identifying them.........I just shoot them;)

You don't mess with a horse fly .. they can carry you away if so inclined !! 😏

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As silly as this sounds my two cats were batting it back and forth like they were having a ping-pong match kitty style.............

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I swat them. ;-)

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Great image, Terry! Glad you played. As Ruth says, the darkness and blue are inspired choices. Or was the blue your subject's actual colour? Good work to see the potential image in the first place. I like the composition.

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I used Gels on two of the flashes........hence the title;)