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The Lifeguard Tower

The lifeguard towers on Bellvue Strand, Klampenborg which were designed by Arne Jacobsen take on an eerie character in the fog.

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Good job, Kevin! Eerie, as you say. I like your symmetrical image, unusually for me.

For me, symmetry only works for essentially totally symmetrical subjects, usually man-made, when the tiny asymmetries provide a seasoning. Here you've managed this well, and the symmetry adds to the sense of mystery. At first it looked to me as if the tower were perched on a curiously symmetrical hill. then I thought it was a ship, then... that's why I like these abstracts!

I hope to see more from you.

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You have caught my thoughts exactly 😉

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Ditto Chris Kevin. I think you did a great job on this. I like everything about it.


PS - Please consider commenting on other work in the group. We seem to have a lot of posting and little commenting. It would be great to have your support for other members of group! Thanks!