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Chris Jablonski's picture

Air, Water & Light

Finally making some images again. Don't know if this is abstract enough for this Group, but here goes.

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bluerhino's picture

Hello! I personally enjoy the photo. Its pleasing to my eyes, however, I'm the most at peace in areas such as this. I'm even considering moving to the Bahamas for that simple fact alone.

Abstract is seeing things in a way not usually seen. Awkward line placements and such things like that. Think of walking down the street and seeing cracks in the road with a shirt button laying atop.

This is closer to minimalist, but, generally there is more negative space.

All in all the photo is visually pleasing to me and I love how wide that rainbow is.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Thanks, Brandon! Abstract or minimalist, I liked the simplicity of those softly glowing clouds and subtle colours. Glad you like it. Nowhere near the Bahamas, though! The tropics do produce very dramatic clouds.

bluerhino's picture

Indeed it does. My profile banner is from when I was in the Bahamas this past January. Want to talk about minimalist? That's the Bahamas for you and I love it. However, I had forgotten my tripod and my ND filters so a lot of the pictures I took while they were good, they are very bright.

Trying to locate a tripod in the Bahamas on the main island is nearly impossible, but it gave me a chance to see the actual island and meet the locals. Wonderful nice people. There is literally a Church every two blocks.

Also, you're very welcome. I for one love landscape pictures, its just most don't fit into this group.

Joe Scalise's picture

Hey Chris, I am enjoying the character contrast of 'inviting' and 'foreboding' you've captured here. A subtle duality that creates a gentle tension. Love the colors and softness overall. I also like how my eye moves from the detail in the clouds to the rainbow swatch and back. I would enjoy this a a wallpaper on my desktop.

In this image however, I am finding that a 16:8 landscape would, for me, improve the composition by removing the clouds at the top. There's so much good happening as i mentioned above that it seems those upper clouds are not adding anything and are a touch distracting. Just a thought... Nice work as usual!

PS, not sure what issues FS is having, but the only way I could comment was to reply here :/

Chris Jablonski's picture

Thanks, Joe! I agree about the top of the image. I just hate cropping! Like to compose in the frame. Most of the "post" went into that top bit! There was distractingly bright sky in there.

I was wondering if it was FS or me. Let's hope it's back to normal.

Ruth Carll's picture

A comment box that will allow a post! Yippy! This a one short chubby rainbow! This has a great mood. Even though it is storming, the mood is relaxing. When i crop something with a full horizon, i always put it higher. Then i see one of yours where you put the horizon so close to the bottom and it works so well! It inspires me to look at seascapes in a different way. Thanks for that!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Thanks, Ruth! It's uncropped, like everything I've posted, as I recall, except for two obvious panoramas. Alan is unconvinced about horizon placement!

Alan Brown's picture

Hi Chris - another image from you that is full of interest. I really like the balance between the rainbow and cloud, and the subtle rain ties the image together.

Like Joe I think there is a bit too much sky at the top (the lower half tells the story - I'd like to see how the image looks with a bit less sky and a slightly more sea to better anchor the frame.

Great work sir!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Thanks, Alan! I've had a look back through the batch, and there was one with more sea, but that included some trees which ruined the image. I did want to focus on the rainbow and cloud, and the foreground sea was textureless. It was shot on a zoom at full stretch - 400mm in fact, hence the apparent fatness of the rainbow. At this magnification and distance, the sea detail is minimal and obscured by atmospheric haze into the bargain. I do sometimes like to include a bit more sea!

Alan Brown's picture

I hear you Chris. You could always add a bit more sea in Photoshop (content-aware fill) - I know it's not your style but you should feel free to use that artistic license even if it is just to see if it makes a difference.
I promise not to tell ;-)