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david huguet's picture

Urban disharmony

On the photographies I took yesterday (sunday afternoon) in walking by the city of Montélimar (south of France).

I wanted to catch out some pieces of the city, some sort of urban abstration shapes.
In the middle of a road, there is this sculpture. And.... thats'all.... Is there somethingmore to say? Don't think so.

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bluerhino's picture

I like it, it has an MC Escher feel to it.

david huguet's picture

Maybe on the photography. But, by thé sculpture, we ses...... nothing looking like something ever known.

David Perman's picture

I would simply remove the post in the background. Everything else looks fine.

david huguet's picture

Hello David,
Actually, i prefer keeping the light post to evocate the urban environment. That's a choice as I did with photography

Evelyn Gorfram's picture

I like the light post at left too, for setting and for scale. Otherwise I wouldn't know if this sculpture were the size of a bent paper clip or a monolithic skyscraper.

I could see removing the other light post, the one just peeking through the triangle at the sculpture's base. It's only just noticeable enough to be distracting. I might also like to see this processed at a lower exposure, with some richer color tones in the sculpture and in the sky.

I really like the interplay of the soft wispy clouds and the sharp metal angles. They're very different in form but both a little whimsical in mood.

david huguet's picture

You're right Evelyn! I had not Seen the light pot inside the sculpture.
However, the pastel colors are a real restitution of the light. I took this photo during the day (around 3pm) while the light was very sharp. And i wanted to capture such a urban reality with real colors.

Evelyn Gorfram's picture

I do also like these colors just as you have them. They reinforce the whimsical aspects of the sculpture in way, because of the way their pastels remind me of candy colors.

Ruth Carll's picture

Very nice addition David. Like David P suggests though, I would remove the post. I think that scale reference hurts to abstract nature of the image. IF abstract was the goal, having a reference point pulls you back from just observing lines, colors, etc. into reality which is the opposite of the goal. However, if you goal is minimalism - which being of fan of your work, I am guessing it is - than the light post works. So, regardless of my preference for 'no post', you as the artist make the final call based on your goals.