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Minimal abstract for review

Inspired by Ruth's peeling paint images here's one I took a while back.

Critical feedback welcomed.

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It's great, Alan! A happy, lively image for me. Can't think of a thing I'd change, although the image lends itself to a variety of presentations, as there's no obviously "right" colour or tonality (except to you, because you were there!). I'd possibly keep a number of edits on file with an image like this. I like the light, buoyant atmosphere you've created here, probably because of the light sky/baby blue.

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Thanks Chris - I agree with your statement about color options, something to think about,

Joe Scalise's picture

Nice piece Alan.

The longer I stare at this I get an abstract visual of ocean waves or ripples getting smaller the further back they go (bottom to top), I'm really enjoying that aspect.

Evelyn Gorfram's picture

For me, this evokes thin clouds in a blue sky as well as the ocean waves that Joe Scalise mentioned. But I also see just old peeling paint - with a compelling aesthetic beauty that is demonstrated by your image.

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Thanks for offering your intriguing views Evelyn

Ruth Carll's picture

I love reading what everyone thinks this is. When I saw it in the list, I thought it was a glacier and snow. But no! - it is one of my favorite things! Peeling paint! Very nicely done Alan. I'd be really happy with this!