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How about a little Up Lift?

I'm always tinkering with this process and it's been raining for days and days and days and....

So, the most recent tweak produced this cool volcanoes of ink strands where the colors didn't mix. How fun!

Feedback welcome.

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I like the first two, especially number one. Kind of a dancing-around-the-maypole feel to it (dancing with jellyfish?).
(Please forgive me if the following is too frankly put...) The third image brings thunderheads to mind; but also evokes blood in an, er, O'Keefe-ian sort of way that I find disquieting. Should the fact than an image makes me uncomfortable count against it, or should that count in its favor?

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First - no worries ever about sincere comments on my stuff! :)

Art is one of those interesting things. At best it, it is like a seesaw. The photographer attempts to move the viewer (ie evoke a response). The degree of that response is the reciprocating motion of the viewer. I feel successful if I evoke an actual feeling in someone - that is not an easy thing to accomplish! If the viewer enjoys it - great! If it makes them uncomfortable or other strong but "negative" emotion, i think, in a way, that is equally as powerful.

So... i am totally comfortable if someone doesn't like something of mine because they are reacting to it. The more so the better!