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Jeremy Martignago's picture

Dandelion water drop

Dandelion seed with a water drop on it.
this is my first attempt so I would be glad if you could give me some tips.

shot with a Pentax k-x and a Tamron 90mm and lit with a speed light.

comments welcome

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David Perman's picture

Great execution. I like the the composition in the top image. The slightly blurry leaves add some nice demension.

Alan Brown's picture

Hi Jeremy. This is an interesting series. For me it doesn't quite come off (perhaps the whites pushed too far?) but it is something worthwhile you pursuing further.

One suggestion I can make is to play with the cropping. In the first image there is a lot of negative/heavy space to the right - adjusting that may balance the image better and allow you to soften the dandelion seed to better display its delicate nature.(This also applies to the 2nd)

Here's a quick edit just to give an idea - this may not meet your own goal or taste for the image of course so please follow your own direction.

I think you're on the right path and look forward to seeing more from you.

Ruth Carll's picture

I think the subject and composition are great. But, like Alan, something is off. I think that it is the contrast/clarity though. It is too sharp. I would like to see more though!

Jeremy Martignago's picture

thanks, Alan
I like the crop it looks much better.
but softening the whites I don't like as much.
but we all have different tastes.

bluerhino's picture

Beautiful and very well done. I really like how a portion of the dandelion is hugging the droplet. Good eye.

Only thing I could even say to change which isn't even something I think technically should be done, is to stack the photo with the stem in focus. Like I said, I like the way it looks. Not everything has to be perfection.

Jeremy Martignago's picture

ok, ill give that a shot next time.
thanks Brandon.