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Alright another try ....

So I'm at the shore headed out for sunrise and waves. However there is a blanket of fog and i can't see more than 50 feet, so i figure ill try this ICM thing that everyone is talking about.
I decided to use the blue hour tones against the glowing street lights on the path above the shoreline.

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That's really cool. Nicely done!

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Success! You've done it! True minimalism, Joseph. I knew you could... ;-)

Personally, I find ICM a P in the A as such, but not caring how you came up with this, it's a fine image. Your eye for composition and drama have combined to give a really fine result.

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Haha thanks Chris ICM is fun and the light trails in near darkness made for a different kind of look, I think i will definitely keep trying this out in different scenarios.