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Fabrice Lombard's picture

Will Earth resists ?!

What do you think ?
Any thoughts ?!

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My thoughts? Maybe a tighter crop but love it !!!!!

Alan Brown's picture

Hi Fabrice. What a creative and interesting image. You have done a great job with DOF and I love the muted background colors.

Your task of compositing the earth into the water droplet works well for me.

My only concern is the amount of light area in the upper right. Being brighter and with the pop of magenta I find my eye being tugged away from the subject. That said I can certainly see why you may have wanted that in the composition.

Taking in Sandra's remarks I have tried a slightly closer crop for comparison. As always I encourage you to fellow your own preferences for this.

In all a wonderful image and I hope to see more from you.

I am hoping you feel yourself in a position to comment on other discussions. As a group that thrives on community input I think that contribution is important and to the benefit of all.

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Hi Alan,
Thank you very much for your remarks ! Highly appreciated ! I was a bit upset with the crop.. I wanted to leave the upper right to locate the scene .. I should have put more petals in the surrounds of the water drop so I could crop closer and better. I should have taken a image like the one below..
Again many thanks for your comments.
Best regards,

Goran Avramovic's picture

Нешто слично.Something similar.

Michael Becker's picture

I hope that is an alternate universe 'cause I'd hate to think we hang that close to disaster. Interesting image. I like it.

Fabrice Lombard's picture

Thanks Michael for your comment ! Appreciated !