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david huguet's picture

a sort of landscape syncretism

As water falls, columnar basaltic rock looks so soft ans sweet in the air.

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Andrew Williams's picture

I admit I had to look up "syncretism." There are gaps in my education.

I think it could have used a little bit of shadow detail.

david huguet's picture

Hi Andrew,
More shadow detail is hard to obtain I présume.
I think a long exposure deserves this photography. More water drops would have been better to increase the contrast between liquid and rock.

Chad Corbin's picture

Very striking image. I like the pure black shadows - simplifies and focuses the composition for me. Where is this? Interesting geology.

david huguet's picture

Hi Chad,
This is in France in a very remote valley in a remote area, more precisely where everything is remote. The waterfall is located down this castle in Montpezat-sous-Bauzon

Alan Brown's picture

I really like the abstract nature of this David. I think the dynamics and brightness of the waterfall balances nicely with the darker tones in the image.
I also appreciate the texture between the silkiness of the waterfall and detail in the rock face.

With such a stark graphical contrast I actually don't mind the crushed blacks.

A winner in my book!

david huguet's picture

Merci beaucoup Alan!