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A dewdrop that caught my eye while shooting wildflowers and hoverflies. CC always welcome.

Edit I cleaned up the edge per Alan's suggestion. I think it is better green than brown.

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I love little drops and this is no exception Troy. Wonderful image !

Chris Jablonski's picture

I thought it was one of your images for a moment, Sandra!

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Thanks! I'm not at her level, but if I can fool someone for even the slightest moment I'll take it.

Alan Brown's picture

Wonderful capture Troy, I love the 'lens' the dewdrop creates.

I would normally call for cleaning up the imperfections of nature, but in this case I think the browning at the end of the leaf is an integral part of the image.
The only possible suggestion I could make is to remove the brown on the leaf edge way to the left of the drop. Not a biggie, but for me that would move it closer to perfect.

Troy Straub's picture

Thank you! I actually added some brown to the tip and edge, because the flash turned these areas fairly white and I thought the brown would be less distracting. I'm happier with the way the tip came out than the edge. I think you could be right about the edge I'll try to see how taking it more to green works.

Charles Mercier's picture

I actually prefer the one with the brown extending on the blade! Oh well, you can't please everyone! lol

Troy Straub's picture

Thank you for the feedback! I worked a lot harder trying to put the brown back in that spot. Adjusting contrast, saturation, texture, adding color... and was never really happy with it. Still feel something looks fake about it, but it does look better to me with fresher eyes. To turn it green I just used a spot healing brush an it fell right into place and I liked it. I do think they both work though.

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That's the beauty of these groups Troy. Everyone has different tastes so I always recommend to consider all angles and go with what best fits yourself.
The only opinion that is 'correct' is your own.....