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Charles Mercier's picture

London Building

I thought the patterns and differing tones were really cool.

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William Hunt's picture

Hi Charles.
Great shot. The twisted-plane cladding louvres give a ‘controlled randomness’ to the textured veil over the building’s gridded facade. Visually playful! I imagine the architects are pleased with it! Where did you find this building?

Charles Mercier's picture

Thanks so much! It's near the Monument of the Great Fire of London (somewhat near the Tower of London.)

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for posting Charles. This is one of those shots that for me on fist view looks overly busy.

It is only when you enlarge do you appreciate the beautiful shading in the twisted metal, and discover the nuances of lamppost and fluorescent lights.

I could see this hanging on a wall.

Charles Mercier's picture

Thanks Alan!