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Marius van Dyk's picture

The complex simplicity of life

The title says it all - spring is here and so is new life

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John Zunski's picture

I'm a sucker for the sinister diagonal; its use immediately drew my attention. The bud's arrowhead shape pointing into negative space works great for the composition. The tone of the yellow compared to the off-gray background demands the observer's attention. The contrast of the stem to bud and background is pleasant on the eyes.

The different shades on the stem work well as mileposts as the eye works towards the upper left corner.

Nice work.

Marius van Dyk's picture

Thank you John for the detail feedback. Finding epic vistas in a city area are not easy until one change perspective (and lenses ) to find the most simplest composition can be just as beautiful given the detail etc.
Glad if this image induced some reaction

Alan Brown's picture

The gorgeous coloring and limited DOF really bring this to life Marius.
I love the color of that bud.

Marius van Dyk's picture

Thank you Alan

T Van's picture

That's a keeper. Nice I too like the spear point shape and the texture of the stem is equally attractive.

Marius van Dyk's picture

Thank you T