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Kent Tarbox's picture

Lone Runner

A solo runner on a morning jog around the local reservoir. I like to use negative space, work primarily in black and white and do very little post processing.

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Hunter Chan's picture

I've always loved this kind of photos! Nice composition and, by the way, I have seen some work similar to yours (this isn't mine):

Chris Jablonski's picture

A bit busy! Four people - and all those BIRDS!


Kent Tarbox's picture

I like this and when you are able to be there at the right time to get the elements in the shot is always an incredible moment.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Now that's pretty minimalist, Kent - no argument! I think you've balanced it all just-so. Great job.

Kent Tarbox's picture

Thank you.

Alan Brown's picture

My kind of shot - I love the simplicity and the balance in this image.

You have captured the runner perfectly in mid-stride, providing just enough information to identify the female form.

Well done Kent, hope to see more from you.

Kent Tarbox's picture

Thank you...

Evan Douglas's picture

I love how you saved just enough detail in the side of the hill to see the grass.

Only thing I would think about changing would be leveling out the horizon line as it seems to be going up hill ever-so-slightly.

That being said, I love the use of space and really like the little bit of detail there in the bottom!

Kent Tarbox's picture

Thank you.