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Chris Jablonski's picture

Skyscape No. 2

I had a limited view of the world from an inner-urban flat I was cooped up in last year during lockdown. Occasionally light and weather provided moments suggesting a potentially worthwhile image. Here is another, quite abstract.

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Alan Brown's picture

I was hoping to allow others to comment on this latest set of images but engagement seems low at the moment.

It's great that even when 'cooped up' you able to keep your creativity stirring and come up with new work. As a pure abstract I do appreciate the composition, not sure if the hue/saturation is working for me though.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Too strong? I was thinking of it as a pure abstract, Alan. Here's the SOOC image. Prefer it?

John Zunski's picture

For me, the difference between this and the first shot, is the lack of an element of mystery. There was a legit question was that a cloud scape or a mountainous scene. It required a thorough. Not that this is a bad shot, it is obviously clouds in magic light.

I agree with Alan with hue/saturation... to me it is over saturated. The second version you posted is stronger.

Marius van Dyk's picture

my 2c ... i have some degree of difficulty eval / appreciating small IG views of a photo and like to see them applied as a "large print" ... to give more perspective ... i fancy #1 - with high saturation included in a sunny matt-white room

Marius van Dyk's picture

btw Chris .. that was awesome colors / shot

Chris Jablonski's picture

Thanks, Marius. Do you want to be my agent? ;-) Love your VR presentations! I almost always think of my images in terms of a potential A2 print or longer panorama, the largest I can currently do myself, when processing.

I tend to think of photography in large part as a way of conveying the beauty of the real world to others, so I dislike extreme departures from reality (e.g. sky replacement, to name one current fad). And one of my pet hates is over-saturated colouirs!

With this image it felt somehow more like a painting, so I felt happiest getting it to look "right" rather than real to me. I much prefer my edit to the SOOC.

Alan Brown's picture

You know, sometimes you have to hold your hands up and admit you were wrong.

I held off responding to your SOOC image as I doubted my initial judgement, seeing Marius's wonderful room views has now solidified that feeling.

This looks great as an abstract impact piece, and as you are not presenting it art rather than documented reality I feel it is fine that you let your hair down (assuming your not bald) and drift over somewhat to the dark side.

I stand corrected!

Chris Jablonski's picture

I was a little surprised that my work in particular should be criticised for over-saturation on FS of all places, Alan! I go on enough about over-saturation, truly a pet peeve.

It wasn't a particularly spectacular sunset, but often I try to see what I can come up with as a challenge with an image that is unpromising in some regard, and surprisingly often I'm pleased with the result.

To my eye, the colours I've rendered, while not true to the scene in question, are in fact entirely plausible in an actual sunset. Strange.

I value your humility and generosity of spirit a great deal, Alan, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Thanks for all you do here.