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There were vultures overhead while Harry and I did our daily walk. So, when we got home, I switched to a longer lens, but they were out of sight by that time. So I shot a neighbor's siding from my deck.

Today I re-edited this. I re-cropped it, readjusted the brightness (which helped emphasize the faux woodgrain in the aluminum siding,) and straightened the verticals as well as the horizontals. The original is a bit closer to the actual color, not that that really matters in this context.

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Nice job, Andrew! A classic minimalist image with the features that can make them so appealing, especially the overall tranquility, and the curious pleasure in finding the little departures from the superficially sterile repeating linear pattern, the very things that bring these images to life.

Are those board joints? Why are they paired? Is that the warm glow of soft sunlight at bottom right, or slightly different paint colour? (Anyway, that's how my perhaps warped mind responded.) Well done

Andrew Williams's picture

I'm not entirely certain, but I believe this is the original (32 YO) aluminum siding, which I believe consisted of two rows in one piece, hence the paired joints. Since I do not remember this siding ever being replaced (mine was) I think the color differences are from the late afternoon lighting on the siding's slightly inconsistent vertical alignment. The real problem here was in Photoshop, as the original image horizontals had a bit of a curve. Now that I've had a better look I may go back and realign the verticals.