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Hunter Chan's picture

Some Conceptual Stuff

An edit for last year's stuff.
This is definitely not the popular type...
But does any of you feel any thing looking at it?

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Dg9ncc /portable's picture

Reminds me to 2 robots having conversation... The black one has the dominant role. The bulb (head) is a high higher. While the knees appear more weak at the white.

Just my impression and ideas coming up while looking on the images. The dark blue one is my preferred..

Alan Brown's picture

Prior to reading the first comment my immediate reaction to a possible title was 'Discussions (between friends?)'. I also thought it interesting that the black lamp is more erect, the white appearing to hold a more subservient pose drooped shoulders, bowed head).

I wonder if this was your intent (if so then well done), but in any case given today's world do like the message provided by the strong black lamp.

I do disagree with preference though - I think this looks much stronger in B&W, both the white lamp and the message are diluted in the blue version.

Hunter Chan's picture

My original intention for the black lamp to be slightly straighter represents more of caress than a stong (bulldozer?) position, but I see your interpretation is also viable. I should have gave the poses a tweak, but...the original photo is taken a year ago, and I'm just doing a re-edit.