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Alan Brown's picture

Experiments on a beach

Finding myself on a beach on the early morning of vacation I was drawn to the sunlight shimmering off the sea and wanted to take the opportunity to use that to my advantage.

To experiment further my intent was to capture the essence of figures on the beach rather than pure silhouettes. All images were taken with long exposure times (around 1/4 sec) and handheld.

I am undecided on these and would love to know how others feel. I fully expect mixed reactions and would appreciate input from members. Negative comments are as equally welcomed as positive - this is how we grow.

Are there any images that catch the eye, any that you really dislike?

Do you have any opinions on the overall theme, or the abstract nature of the subjects?

Any suggestion on improvements?

As always all input is fully respected and gratefully received - there can be no wrong opinions.

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Joe Svelnys's picture

Out of the set I like #2 and #7 the most. I'd love to see how some of these would look while shooting directly into the sun and some warm tones. Well done though, fantastic series.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for your feedback Joe. I’ll likely tweak further, will post if I like the results.

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Alan. Not feeling connected. For my perception, this can be part of the concept but not the main frame itself.

I know am the lone in expressing this. Usually do not share when see such work but you had specifically asked.

Alan Brown's picture

No problem Vijay, thanks for taking the time to respond with your viewpoint.

Andrew Williams's picture

#4 for me. These fit in a funny place for me: almost like you couldn't make up your mind whether you wanted them to be monochrome (B&W) or not.

Alan Brown's picture

So true Andrew. For the most part I left the color as captured, leaving the B&W option open for discussion.

The images are pretty much mono-chromatic anyway - I remain undecided.......