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The Landscape

Tried playing with long exposer and got something different one day and it is a blurry something. Should I have done something different?

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If this was the kind of look you were going for then not sure if you should have tried something different. I like this a lot. The colors work well together. It feels like a minimalist painting. The only thing I would change is the crop so as to focus more on the land than the sky. Nice work, Don.

Thanks Jennifer, I think I will play with it....a little bit

I got interested in this type of photography due to this forum. Go to Alan's website for some really good information. He does a great job taking you through the process ... https://www.alanbrownphotography.com/home-2

Great photo, but... the horizon it a touch off. Was this handheld or a tripod?

It almost looks like a foggy lens. Do you remember if there was a significant temperature/humidity change.

This reminds me of the view looking out the window all the cheap motel rooms I've stayed on the Oregon Coast, except it is usually more grey and wet.

Thanks for posting.

Actually, this was taken at night, I did use a tri-pod long exposure...of course it was grey due to the time of year in WA state...

You should drive down to the Oregon Coast...it's always sunny here.

I still like your photo day or night.

I would be interested in what you hoped to achieve with this Don, and how the result makes you feel.
Experimental images such as this will always divide opinion, the only one that matters is your own

Are you happy with how this turned out, or is their something you were hoping to achieve that is missing?

what made me try this was going through some of the photos that I have seen in this chat....some of your photos as a matter of fact!