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Dg9ncc /portable's picture

king's hill

Happy new year to all of you!

To give a little more weight on the minimalist approach I am posting king's hill. As we are lacking snow I focused on the cloud movement.

The image was taken during the blue hour with an exposure of 2 min.

What needs improvement here?

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Jennifer Wise's picture

This is a really beautiful photo. You achieved your subject goal of the cloud movement. The contrast is just right for me. The trees nicely break things up. I can't decide if I would have cropped a little off the left side or not. I feel it's more minimalistic with the way it is; on the other hand, with a little cropped off the left side, the focus would be more on the cloud movement. No matter what, this is a lovely photo.

Dg9ncc /portable's picture

Thank you Jennifer! You shared an idea to play & see the result. Good hint to make experience!

dean wilson's picture

I love it. Just the right amount of cloud movement in the appropriate direction. This time of year I imagine the colors aren't exactly Epic.

Alan Brown's picture

I really like this image. However, for my personal taste the composition looks slightly imbalanced (even before reading Jennifer's comments below).
As I like to do I have played around with cropping - the following is what works best for me (but perhaps not for you/others).

In any case, as Jennifer points out it is a wonderful photo, with a great dynamic between the stand of trees, the cloud and the lines emanating from it.

Dg9ncc /portable's picture

Thank you Alan! It took a while to adapt to what you call the imbalanced crop. Not normal - bit looking onto for a period of time I like the idea! Thank you for sharing your idea!

Alan Brown's picture

Hey, just a suggestion that fits my own taste. Try sitting on it for a week and see what works best for you after that. Sometimes I find that different versions work equally well, telling slightly different stories.

Either way I really like the shot.

Jennifer Wise's picture

Wow, this crop really shows off those beautiful clouds!