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Essense of a tree

A fallen tree in a lake with just a bit of it sticking out, just hinting at the structure of a tree.

A foggy day and dead still wind helped bring the very tranquil feel to this scene that I really like.

I didn't discover this composition as I shot it. This is a perfect example that sometimes a powerful composition hides in in something else that you photographed, just waiting for you to crop it to stand out.

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...and do we get to see your composition?

I like the depth in the photo. It might work nicely in BnW.

Thanks for posting this wonderful image Peter. The lack of any detail in the water helps create such a wonderful minimalistic backdrop to the tree branches.

I really like the composition of the branches themselves, along with the shadows they create. The gradation from dark to light really draws me through the image.

Great work, leaving me eager to see more.

Very cool. I love the color gradation of the water from top to bottom.

This is a lovely shot, Peter. Everything is balanced so nicely, the gradation of light is wonderful, and the slight busyness of the upper branches down to the quietness of the solitary lower branch feels just right.

Great job, Peter! Alan and Jennifer put it well. The composition is unusually beautifully balanced. As I think Dean is suggesting, why not show us the original image from which I gather this is a crop?

In case you don't know, as the original poster here, you can edit the left side, and could add the original below. These glimpses into others' creative approach are interesting and instructive - certainly for me; I am intrigued and mystified by the creative process.

If you want to keep your trade secrets - that's OK too!