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London Steps

Near Somerset House, this is really eye-catching lighting.

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For sure! I love the light and dark contrast. Also falls under this month's theme of depth. The green is a little distracting. I wonder if converting it to B&W would change that. Where I grew up, there was a road called The Road to Nowhere (not it's real name). These look like The Steps to Nowhere. Great catch, Charles.

Thanks again. The green is moss of course. I kind of like it.


I like essence of both.

In the color (colour) version my eye is drawn to the green, as it brings my eye away from leading my eye up the steps and out of the frame.

In the black and white the intense White that you see in the color is gone and muted. Was it edited to remove only green or all colors?

The light and lens flare at very top left seems out of place.

I love the composition and exposure.

Thanks. It's all black and white. I usually leave a little information in empty spaces not to leave boring empty spaces - but hey, I'm always open to constructive feedback!

But the reason I prefer it is because the mind will fill in the line of the top stair and the imagination fills in the rest of the black space.

Both images appeal to me, Charles. I prefer the monochrome.

In case you don't know, you can edit the left side of the page, and could put the mono version (or anything else) below the original. This can be confusing for people who don't follow the post from the beginning, but you can edit the text too to reduce this risk.

Thanks. I haven't responded because any way I could say that I knew that I could edit sounded condescending to me. I thought about it and just decided to respond directly to the suggester.