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the barn at Shelburne

This is an image I have only just taken and worked on. The image consists of a number of exposures taken around the tree, then blended in Photoshop to develop the character of the scene.

As an early attempt at the technique pioneered by Pep Ventosa I came across the challenge of half the tree being in deep shade. This limited the images used for the composite and perhaps the final result.

I consider myself an avid novice of ICM so please bear with me and feel free to offer advice/feedback as I work toward bettering my technique.

As a side note - I have only just started a project on my website covering my inroads into ICM (or CCM). Here I plan to upload some of my favorite attempts and offer details that may help others.

If interested check out the following link, I will also be updating my blog entries with my experiences;


I think it's great that Stephanie is pulling a community of like-minded artists together and look forward to seeing the work of others.

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Stephanie Johnson (StephJohnPhoto)'s picture

Hi Alan,

I must apologize to you, as well, for taking so long to post a comment on your image. It's been a busy week, but I will definitely make a better effort to be more active here now that the group is gaining members and starting to grow a bit.

This technique is really fascinating to me, and while it isn't an ICM in the sense of moving the camera during the exposure but instead moving it slightly in between exposures for multiple exposures, it does create a lovely effect. I'd be interested to see the results of something like this with even more exposures. How many exactly was this particular image?

I was only introduced to the Pep Ventosa technique last year, and the image that brought awareness of this technique to me was also a really lovely colorful image of a tree. I think I'll definitely have to do some experimenting with it myself, to try something new and see how it might help me to evolve my own creative vision.

Thank you so much for sharing this, as well as for sharing the link to your blog, and for being the first one to join this new group!

My hope is to grow this into a place where others can share their less than traditional approaches to landscape photography, as well as to build a learning environment that will encourage and inspire others to expand and evolve their own unique creative visions.

I like to think of these less than traditional approaches to landscape photography as Landscapes Reimagined, and I have ideas for expanding this vision as a stand-alone project, as well. So, more to come on that.

Thanks so much for being here, Alan! I look forward to seeing more of your work and interacting more with you about the creative process.

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Thanks for the expansive feedback Stephanie. this image was the first I had attempted using this technique (at least on a tree).
I believe 10-12 images were used, many more were taken but not used as the right side of the tree was in deep shade

My hope is to get both my shooting and the processing technique to a decent level so I can do justice to fall foliage - should be fun!