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Sunset Glow on Lake, Like Sweet-Flowing Nectar

A handheld, in-camera, horizontal ICM of a beautiful sunset reflecting on the water of a nearby lake.

"All around us is the cosmic game, the cosmic play. The universe is full of joy, inner and outer. When realisation takes place, we have to feel the necessity of manifesting this constant delight in our heart. The delight glows, but does not burn. It has tremendous intensity, but it is all softness and absolutely sweet-flowing nectar." ~ Sri Chimnoy

I hand held the camera vertically and panned horizontally from right to left quickly for this image, using a 1/10" shutter speed, at ISO 100 and aperture f/32. No filters.

I composed the shot with just a bare minimum of the sky above the horizon line (the darkest area at the top) because the sun was still fully above the horizon, but reflecting brilliantly on the water of the lake.

So the majority of this frame is of the sun reflecting on the water, and the lines are created by the ripples on the lake, as well as the wakes from a few passing speed boats.

Technical details for this image are:

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon f4L 70-200mm lens

200mm · f/32.0 · 1/10s · ISO 100

Created in-camera, no filters, lightly post-processed in Lightroom, then finished in Photoshop for spot removal and final exposure/vibrance/color balance adjustments.

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Stephanie Johnson (StephJohnPhoto)'s picture

Thanks so much, Betsey! Appreciate that. :)

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I really enjoy the simplicity and vibrancy in this image.

The dark horizon really anchors the eye within the frame,and provides visual weight & balance,

I think the lighter orange area is a key element as it breaks up the lower area and draws the viewer into the image.

Great job!