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An experiment in ICM

I was wondering if the techniques pioneered by Pep Ventosa could be simulated at all on smartphone - not by taking multiple exposures and blending, but by taking a long exposure whilst moving around an object.

This is an early attempt - the object is a globe structure built out of hundreds of fish-shaped pressed metal pieces.

I was not able to get around the object as I wanted to preserve some detail in the structure, this is somewhere between 90-180 degrees..

Feedback is encouraged and appreciated. I think this does a decent job and am eager to experiment more.

Technical details;
- iPhone 7
- ProCam app
- 3 secs, f1.8, ISO 20

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Sherri Martinez's picture

This is a great image. I have played with Ventosa’s techique some...I’ll have to give your spin on it a try!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Sherri. If interested I have a running blog going on my website where I chronicle my findings, and a couple of projects with some of the better results.

I am a little behind with updating (I have a number ready to upload) but you may find the blog/projects of interest;


I do have a DSLR/Ventosa equivalent of this image I hope to upload as a comparison.