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Alan Brown's picture

Mountain flow

Inspired by Stephanie's work and enthusiasm fro ICM I took this image recently. I tried varying techniques to get the feel I was after - this one I followed the curves of the distant mountains to create a 'flow'.

I love the effect this has on the clouds, creating harmony between themselves and the mountains.

One of my favorite recent works and selected as an 'Editor's Pick'.

This just goes to show that good work can result from great inspiration.

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Laura Zimmerman's picture

Beautiful! The soft transition between all of the shades of blue is truly stunning.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Laura. Your generous comment is truly appreciated.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Peter. I’m so glad you like it.

These images are so unpredictable that so many fail to make the grade. I’m still trying to discover what works best.
I think I have another that makes the grade (and will post).

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Alan. Indeed a wonderful work.
would be interesting for me to know what was the work at Field and later in post Processing. Was it possible to have both parts soft in long exposure or one was achieved post.
good luck in your beautiful journey further. cheers

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Vijay. All movement was achieved in camera. Only global & minor local adjustments were made in post.