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Help requested

I am hoping that more will engage with this group. In trying to improve my ICM skills I am finding that the extreme hit or misses can be minimized by an understanding of what does/does not work, and I feel we can find greater success if we share our experiences and work.

This is an image I took recently inside a local wooded area I just discovered. I had previously hoped to get so shots with autumn leaves on the forest floor and with foliage still on the trees. This is an early result - lighting wasn't ideal (late on a sunny day) but I like the way the foliage pops.

I would really appreciate comments, especially those indicating what you feel works for you, what doesn't and any tips for improvement.

We all have a set of eyes - as long as you are willing to share your opinion you are most certainly qualified to do so.

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Thanks Peter!

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Love the colors on this one Alan. Also that you achieved a sense of depth that I don't see often in this style.