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Scott Wilson's picture

Loving my new A7ii--Ermine photos

Went out and an ermine let me get 3 feet from him! It's not often you use a 24-70 lens on wildlife, you know!? Got quite a few shots of this little guy! Here's a link to the rest of the photos published on BoredPanda (it almost got the first page...oh well. :) They wouldn't publish the one of the rabbit kill so I'm posting for those who find stuff like this fascinating!


The lens was the Zeiss F.4 24-70

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D Thompson's picture

Good capture! Amazing you could get that close.

Scott Wilson's picture

Thanks! Pretty sure it was because he was guarding his/her food! lol Glad it worked out for me though. Quite a cool experience! :)

Pieter Batenburg's picture

Wonderful. I have never even seen one.