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Nice to meet other Fuji users

Every image on here seems to be Nikon or canon so it's nice to meet other Fuji users 😁....hello there !!!.....I have only taken up photography in the last 15 or so months so I'm very much still learning and initially bought myself the XT2 because I liked how it looked !(shallow eh !!)..I have since come to love it cause I don't really have to ever really go into multiple pages to do something...it,s all there on the top of the camera........I SO.....shutter speed....and obviously aperture....love it.......what else do you really need ?

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Nice camera and a nice way to see it. I've just worked with Fuji to (except a Canon 5D mark IV I have on work. I really like my Fuji in first place :)

I'm new here on fstoppers. But I can imagine there are some sony-users to? :)

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And some notes on the image. Nice, and special. I think you could let the "take away" sign be as it gets a little to unnatural? Anyway, nice balance inte grey tones!

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Hey Guys,

Happy to see all of you guys again and managed to find this page. I'm a big fan of the xt2. there are a few other fuji shooters hopefully they find this group as well